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Yes'>#8220;Lisa See begins to do for Beijing what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did for turnofthecentury London or Dashiell Hammett did for 1920s San Francisco: She discerns the hidden city lurking beneath the public facade.yes'>#8221;yes'>#8211;The Washington Post Book WorldIn the depths of a Beijing winter, during the waning days of Deng Xiaopingyes'>#8217;s reign, the U.S. ambassadoryes'>#8217;s son is found deadyes'>#8211;his body entombed in a frozen lake. Around the same time, aboard a ship adrift off the coast of Southern California, Assistant U.S. Attorney David Stark makes a startling discovery: the corpse of a Red Prince, a scion of Chinayes'>#8217;s political elite.The Chinese and American governments suspect that the deaths are connected and, in an unprecedented move, they join forces to see justice done. In Beijing, David teams up with the unorthodox police detective Liu Hulan. In an investigation that brings them to every corner of China and sparks an intense attraction between the two, David and Hulan discover a web linking human trafficking to the drug trade to governmental treacheryyes'>#8211;a web reaching from the Forbidden City to the heart of Los Angeles and, like the wide flower net used by Chinese fishermen, threatening to ensnare all within its reach.yes'>#8220;A graceful rendering of two different and complex cultures, within a highly intricate plot . . . The starkly beautiful landscapes of Beijing and its surrounding coutryside are depicted with a lyrical precision.yes'>#8221;yes'>#8211;Los Angeles Times Book Reviewyes'>#8220;Murder and intrigue splash across the canvas of modern Chinese life. . . . A vivid portrait of a vast Communist nation in the painful throes of a sea change.yes'>#8221;yes'>#8211;Peopleyes'>#8220;Fascinating . . . that rare thriller that enlightens as well as it entertains.yes'>#8221;yes'>#8211;San Diego UnionTribuneA Finalist for the Edgar Award for Best First MysteryA NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOKFrom the Trade Paperback edition.

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    Lisa See

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    Random House Uk

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Lisa See

Lisa See est une auteure américaine d'origine chinoise née le 18 février 1955 à Paris, elle vit aujourd'hui à Los Angeles. Avant de devenir l'écrivaine que l'on connait, elle a travaillé comme agent de publicité et coordinatrice au sein d'une entreprise américaine. Son premier ouvrage, On Gold Mountain: The 100 Year Odyssey of My Chinese-american Family (1995), la biographie de son grand-père immigré chinois aux Etats-Unis, est salué par la critique.
C'est son premier roman La mort scarabée qui sera nominé pour le Prix Barry 1998 du meilleur premier roman et le Prix Edgar-Allan-Poe 1998 du meilleur roman. Mais c'est bel et bien avec Fleur de neige qu'elle va rencontrer un réel succès (prix Relay 2006). Cet ouvrage sera traduit dans plus de 23 langues à travers le monde. Elle est aussi l'auteure d'autres best-sellers : Le pavillon des pivoines, Filles de Shanghai et Ombres chinoises, tous parus aux Éditions J'ai lu.