Anglais A short treatise on the joys of morphinism (édition en anglais)

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.I stare at the coffee I poured myself, and I think: caffeine is a poison that stimulates the heart. There are plenty of instances of people killing themselves with coffee, hundreds and thousands of them. Caffeine is a deadly poison, maybe almost as deadly as morphine. Why didn't it ever occur to me before: coffee is my friend!' Drawing on Hans Fallada's own history of addiction, these two stories and are written with a remarkable, tough, spartan clarity. As a man desperately, haplessly tries to get enough morphine to make it through the day and a drunk embezzler struggles to get himself arrested, they are at one second crushing, the next darkly comic.

This book includes A Short Treatise on the Joys of Morphinism and Three Years of Life.

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    Hans Fallada

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    Adult Pbs

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Hans Fallada

Écrivain réaliste populaire, Hans Fallada, de son vrai nom Rudolf Ditzen (1893-1947), est
l'auteur de nombreux romans et nouvelles, dont Quoi de neuf petit homme ? et Le Buveur
. Son chef-d'oeuvre Seul dans Berlin a fait l'objet d'une retraduction chez Denoël en 2014,
pour la première fois dans sa version originelle et non censurée.