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BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Lisa See's Shanghai Girls.
I finally understand what the poets have written. In spring, moved to passion; in autumn only regret.
For young Peony, betrothed to a suitor she has never met, these lyrics from The Peony Pavilion mirror her own longings. In the garden of the Chen Family Villa, amid the scent of ginger, green tea, and jasmine, a small theatrical troupe is performing scenes from this epic opera, a live spectacle few females have ever seen. Like the heroine in the drama, Peony is the cloistered daughter of a wealthy family, trapped like a good-luck cricket in a bamboo-and-lacquer cage. Though raised to be obedient, Peony has dreams of her own.
Peonys mother is against her daughter s attending the production: Unmarried girls should not be seen in public. But Peony s father assures his wife that proprieties will be maintained, and that the women will watch the opera from behind a screen. Yet through its cracks, Peony catches sight of an elegant, handsome man with hair as black as a caveand is immediately overcome with emotion.
So begins Peonys unforgettable journey of love and destiny, desire and sorrowas Lisa Sees haunting new novel, based on actual historical events, takes readers back to seventeenth-century China, after the Manchus seize power and the Ming dynasty is crushed.
Steepd in traditions and ritual, this story brings to life another time and placeeven the intricate realm of the afterworld, with its protocols, pathways, and stages of existence, a vividly imagined place where one s soul is divided into three, ancestors offer guidance, misdeeds are punished, and hungry ghosts wander the earth. Immersed in the richness and magic of the Chinese vision of the afterlife, transcending even death, Peony in Love explores, beautifully, the many manifestations of love. Ultimately, Lisa Sees new novel addresses universal themes: the bonds of friendship, the power of words, and the age-old desire of women to be heard.

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Lisa See

Lisa See est une auteure américaine d'origine chinoise née le 18 février 1955 à Paris, elle vit aujourd'hui à Los Angeles. Avant de devenir l'écrivaine que l'on connait, elle a travaillé comme agent de publicité et coordinatrice au sein d'une entreprise américaine. Son premier ouvrage, On Gold Mountain: The 100 Year Odyssey of My Chinese-american Family (1995), la biographie de son grand-père immigré chinois aux Etats-Unis, est salué par la critique.
C'est son premier roman La mort scarabée qui sera nominé pour le Prix Barry 1998 du meilleur premier roman et le Prix Edgar-Allan-Poe 1998 du meilleur roman. Mais c'est bel et bien avec Fleur de neige qu'elle va rencontrer un réel succès (prix Relay 2006). Cet ouvrage sera traduit dans plus de 23 langues à travers le monde. Elle est aussi l'auteure d'autres best-sellers : Le pavillon des pivoines, Filles de Shanghai et Ombres chinoises, tous parus aux Éditions J'ai lu.